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NAIDOC Wooden Round Drop

NAIDOC Wooden Round Drop

NAIDOC Wooden Round Drop



NAIDOC Release - Spreading awareness and supporting incredible Indigenous artists such as Anita Nakamarra Gibson and also Jijaka (collaboration of artists working in the Jumbana group)

When I purchase these fabrics, sales support the Nangala Project, to relieve poverty and disadvantage amongst Australian Indigenous children and their families through creating locally engaged & sustainable opportunity.

Wooden stud with the beautiful floral pattern round drop. The round drops have been coated with a thin layer of resin to ensure highest quality.

Our Earrings have been made using our collection of recycled and new textile pieces, fabrics, wall art pieces, layering onto plywood backing for light weight earrings. Earring posts are great for sensitive ears, we use high quality hypoallergenic surgical steel.

 Sizing: 40mm dangle

Design: Please note that each item is handmade from fabrics, our patterned fabrics may slightly vary as we use different parts of the fabric for each earring.

 Care Instructions: We recommended our earring range not to be worn in water, due to collection of water in the fabric.

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